Top 5 Best Gadgets For Students You Have In College

Best Gadgets For Students – Life can be very busy in college (or university). You wake up in the morning, open your “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “tag your friends in memes”, and also you need to read from “endless textbooks”, need to write “thousands of words” and you will enjoy “endless alcoholic” beverages, finding yourself some extra time that can be a daunting task. Actually, anything that can make academic life a bit easier is not worth changing your nose. You did this every day. Fortunately, keeping this in mind, I have decided to help you. We have spoiled the web to find the best gadgets for students from the latest electronic technology to the simplest elementary concepts. The result is a good array of tools and accouterments that will complement the most sophisticated hostel.

Best Gadgets For Students

1. Portable Hard Drive

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Top 5 Best Gadgets For Students You Have In College

Perhaps the only thing worse than writing a 3,000-word essay, it is losing its due to an intuitive technique; Therefore, supporting your work on a regular basis is a wise idea. There are 1TB, 2TB and 500 GB varieties in “Hard Drive” (if your course has many media projects), as well as the ability to store your entire library of movies, photos and music on a small device is also easy.

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2. LED Desk Lamp

Top 5 Best Gadgets For Students You Have In College

Any college desk space is not complete without a practical and stylish lamp, and “Unifun Touch Lamps” ties both of these boxes. Also there is a rechargeable internal battery, many colors according to your mood, as well as the ability to adjust your brightness – if you write most of your essay in small hours, then correct.

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3. Smart Notebook 


The debate between typing and handwriting notes extends into lecture rooms for some time, but with a smart notebook, you get the best of both works. As you write, ink binding for special, reusable pages, which can be easily uploaded to any large cloud-based program like Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. Along with being environmentally friendly, this is a more effective way of organizing your notes.

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4. Ethernet Cable

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Wifi is built in most college dormitories, often sharing the same bandwidth with 100+ students – okay if you are working or just browsing accidentally on the web. But as soon as you try to stream the video, there will be demand problems on the network; Not ideal when you are trying to catch things, stranger.

Solution? Switch to an Ethernet cable for an important strong connection. Cat 6 ethernet cable by Jada gives you a pack of cable wires as well as playing 50 meters of cable so that your wires can be kept in order.

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5. Portable Printer

Top 5 Best Gadgets For Students You Have In College

Of course, there are printers in the library but when the entire student body is battling the deadline at the same time, access may be difficult. Avoid chaos and print from the comfort of your own hostel or, alternatively, pop out for coffee and print from your phone. HP’s Envy 4520 has wireless and cloud-based compatibility, so you can get hard copies of your projects wherever you are. Its thin frame means that it will not take much space, either – perfect for the day to come!

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