3 Best Innovative And Powerful Watches You Can Buy In 2018

Hello Expertisers ! Most of us know about wearable technology is still not at that that level where the smartphones have reached. Usually we wear watches only to see time. But nowadays, a smartwatch have evolved  a lot in few years. It can perform a many tricks, such as accessing internet through voice, GPS, Camera and many more. So, Here is the list of 3 Best Innovative Watches You Can Buy In 2018.

3 Best Innovative Watches

#3 M voice G2

Best Innovative Watches

If you are a fond of pure traditional watches but you also wanted a smartwatch. Then, I have a solution for you ! Introducing  “M voice G2” by Martian, A Smartwatch with analog hands and time markers. It can initiate calls & commands, access “Siri”, “Google” and “Alexa” also. Mvoice G2 is the world’s first dynamic and hybrid smartwatch with “Voice Calling” & “Commands, with traditional watch hands mechanism round display.

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Thats Cool  !!

M voice G2 has a traditional design. It is most elegant and “Functional Smartwatch”.

Best Innovative Watches

This smartwatch include mechanism watch hands on a round display via cut centre hole in display and authentic 3D minute and hour marker. when receive a notification the hands move to the 3 & 9 position i.e. 9:15 o’clock position for unobstructed reading and the move back to the current time position.

#2 What?Watch

Best Innovative Watches

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“Whats?Watch” is a calendar watch. Basically, It allows you to see the composition of your busy schedule and free time and also reminds your important events, in an perceptive pie- chart form. This watch can connect with your smartphones calendar through bluetooth. 

Best Innovative Watches

And thanks to its “E Paper” display the Whats?Watch battery last up for On Your Wrist. 

#1 Montfort

Best Innovative Watches

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If you wanted to stylish and trendy look wearable. Presenting “Montfort”, a futuristic super stainless steel-casing and a 3D printed dial. The compact design that is only 11mm thick can be worn for any occasion. The main aim of going for the hardened steel case o enhance the durability of the watch. Best Innovative Watches

And, 3D printed dials are bound to make you fall in love for this watch. The watch also shows “Diamond-like coating”. It is one of these masterpieces on kickstarted now.

Thanks, Expertisers ! for reading this article, I hope you like about “Best Innovative Watches”.

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