iPhone 14, Galaxy S22, Pixel 7 | What We Will Anticipate!

Nowadays there is a huge demand for smartphones in the market. And these three manufacturers have all the intentions to fire the US market in 2022.

So the question is, What will Apple, Samsung, and Google aim to differentiate their smartphone and assure the customer of an upgrade?

Apple iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 7 all have their unique features and of course their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, I am gonna talk about how these brands will continue to fight for their success in the market.

Let’s dive in.

iPhone 14 – A New Model is Coming!

iPhone 14
Source: Tom’s Guide

This year we saw a major change in the iPhone 13 rear camera, the camera is now bigger, bulged out, and also shifted its position diagonally. And that’s a massive upgrade according to Apple.

But just after the iPhone 13 launch, rumors of the iPhone 14 started coming. 

According to the rumors and leaks, Apple’s iPhone 14 is expected to remove the notch and adopt a Punch-Hole Display which is also very popular in Android Devices.

This hole punch cutout will be placed in the center, that is for the front-facing camera. With No Notch, Apple will bring a different solution for Face ID, and as the rumors said, that the Face ID could be placed under the display

But there are also rumors coming is that Apple will bring back the Touch ID.

iPhone 14 is coming with a Bionic A16 chipset, and a Flat Rear Camera design (no bump in the back). 

But this time Apple is doing something different, instead of iPhone 14 Mini, the company will bring iPhone 14 Max with an OLED display panel. They are also bringing the most awaited feature USB Type-C port instead of that old lightning port. 

Apple is also improving its camera, some of the tech giants expect that Apple is giving a 48MP rear camera, they are also expecting that Apple will bring 2TB of storage. I think if all these speculations should be finalized then this might be the best smartphone of 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S22 – A Note-able Addition

galaxy s22
Source: Tom’s Guide

By 2022, it is expected that Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy S22, and not only this, Samsung is also eager to change the design of the Galaxy S22 and make it sharper and fringy from the corners which are similar to Note-Series smartphones.

 As per the leaks, Samsung is also bringing the S-Pen into its new Galaxy S22 (that is again of Note-series), but it will only be for the Galaxy S22 ultra

Samsung also might be the first to introduce the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset that will be a competitor of Apple’s Bionic A16 Chipset.

So the question is, Does the addition of the S-pen and new chipset persuade the customer to buy Samsung over Apple?

From my side, this is an interesting upgrade from Samsung.

I think this might be a worthy upgrade for 2022,  What do you think? let me know your opinion in the comment box.   

There are also rumors that Samsung Galaxy S22 may come with an In-display front camera and rear-bumped-out cameras with a flat-back design. Samsung Galaxy S22 is coming with 12GB+128GB, 16GB+512GB storage options into the Market.

Google Pixel 7 – Improving The Cores

pixel 7
Source: XDA Developers

Well, Google Pixel 6 is ultimately the successor of Google’s smartphone. Now this time 

Google is remaking its Pixel 7 design, camera, and a lot more features. But there is a major upgrade in the chipset. Google is upgrading its Tensor chipset and calling it Tensor 2.

There are too many technical and software bugs in the Pixel 6 series but we still love it. Google Pixel 7 will come with the latest version of android which is Android 12 (Snow Cone). 

This time we are expecting some changes that Google must do with their smartphones. Some changes are like improving battery life, improving technical and software bugs, etc.

If we see the Google Pixel 6 battery, it seems to be delightful when we see the size as 5000 mAh but it doesn’t give you optimum screen time.

This seems to be a very small problem but, I think this might be solved in Pixel 7.

With the technical and software bugs like screen flickering, fingerprint sensor not working, charging cable, etc. All these improvements should be properly formulated and should be done with the launch of the Pixel 7.

So, What Will We Expect (Final Thoughts)

So, What will the market look like in 2022?

If we look back at 2021, it discloses the exit of LG from the market opened up a space for other manufactures like Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. 

And I’m also very excited about the OnePlus 10 Pro, and how it can survive in this fight.

So, I’m expecting that the upcoming year might be more competitive for these tech giants. These companies redesign their smartphones, upgrade their chipset, camera improvements, and a lot more things. Let see Who will survive in the market this year? And becoming the market leader.

What do you all think about it? Let me know in the comment section.

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