Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

Hey Expertisers ! Finding the right toy for kids without spending a fortune is more difficult than it looks for family and friends. The children’s toys market is full of exaggerated junk for ignoring and forgetting under the “toy box”. Do not try to find a toy that is at least partly educational and can provide your child enough fun to come back for more. Fortunately, we have done the homework for you and have selected some of the best tech toys for kids to keep children happy, occupied and out of disturbance and trouble.

Tech Toys For Kids

5. Dash Robot

Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

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Learning the code is now a long part of your children’s education, in the form of a long division, that verse about the combination of verbs and six wives of Henry VIII (or at least this should be). With code-learning apps like scratch and swift playgrounds, we have seen physical robots, toys and systems launched to bring the code out of your computer or tablet.

The Wonder Workshop Dash I’ve seen the latest of them. Targeted to children in the 6-11 age group, it is a six-inch long pile of circular circuits that revolve around three wheels all over each part of their body – a head on top, with which to move freely. His head and body are covered with light which you can control, and it can see, hear and speak in limited ways.

Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

IOS or Android is controlled through a series of five apps, in which the three main ones are also available for the fire – have bought your Amazon FireHD tablet, then they will leave your iPad alone. All apps include tutorials to help your children (and you) learn how to make complex complicated programs before you get rid of the code.

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4. Power Up FPV

Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

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As the name suggests, it adds a small camera to the first person view (FPV) in the mix, which captures the video and sends it to your phone or tablet. You see this preview on-screen, or Google’s Cardboard FPV headset, which includes, to feel the seat of that pilot. This is a clean package, though it is much larger and more involved in using than the original “Power Up”.

What you get in the “Power up FPV” package is the mechanism for some sheet sheets and drones. This system is surprisingly large, which is 13 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Most length of that length comes from two carbon fiber stratus, which consists of twin motors and 2.5-inch propellers. These motors are free, thus the drone changes. It is very light: the system with batteries is weighing more than 2.3 ounces.

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3. WowWee (R.E.V)

Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

The remote control car makes for some large, small-scale demolition dishes, but unless the other person is playing with another person, then the game gets very fast. In this year’s London Toy Fair, WooWee unveiled its Robotic Enhanced Vehicle (REV), Robot Race Cars, which allows players to fight against each other or AI opponent. We recently launched a pair of charging, control apps, and let’s start a catastrophe.

Outside the box, our REV review system came as a starter kit for two cars – one black and one white – powered by each four AA batteries. Designed for indoor use, Bravo says that they can handle most surfaces, including carpets, hardwoods and tiles. In addition to the battery, a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone is running iOS 8 or later or Android 4.4.3 or later. A downloadable app connects the phone to the phone, configures player profiles, and displays the health of players and AI characters during the competition.

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2. Cozmo

Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

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A small robot is my new best friend; I like it and it loves me back. At least, I believe that it does. Anki’s “Cozmo” In my life I have seen the most lovable, playful toy, and when I did the test, it brought me a ridiculous amount, even though I have been 8 years old for almost 20 years. “Cozmo” tried with me (it’s a tragic winner), my name and the names of my friends learned, and taught in a simple way, how the code taught in a primary, block-based language code. If you can afford the price for this toy, then it is very good for a child who can take interest in technology. I do not want to trust so much on my dedicated smartphone app.

“Cosmo” is a cute little thing, the robot will like a tank, backhoe-like arms, voice like WALL-E, and wide eyes like a child. Its white, silver and red plastic construction feels like you should not play very difficult with the toy, but it escaped many drops of my desk.

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1. Force Band

Top 5 Best Tech Toys For Kids Every Kid Should Have 2018

In the inevitable avalanche of business with the release of Star Wars Episode VII, Force Avakens, Small App-Controlled BB-8 of Sphere was a clear standout. An immediate fan-favorite character, a small spherical robot was the perfect fit for the company’s line … well, the spherical robot, and the toy was bursting with personality and authenticity in terms of just appearance and sound. With this year’s edition, Sphero users feel with a Jedi (sometimes) Force Band, a wearable which allows BB-8 to run with speed control.

The first thing you notice is the droid’s new battle-worn paint job. Gone is his fresh-off-the-factory-floor sheen, replaced with a battered and sand-blasted look that’s more in-tune with how BB-8 actually looked in the movie. It’s a minor change, but it’s one we liked: this robot has been around (pun intended) and suffered some knocks, even before our atrocious driving skills scuffed him up against every piece of furniture in the office.

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