Windows 11: Amazing Features, New UI, Start Menu, System Requirements, And More

As we all know, Windows 10 was the last update from Microsoft. Back in 2015, when Microsoft was preparing to release their Windows 10, a developer spoke during the company event that “Windows 10 is the last version of Windows”. 

But a few days ago Microsoft announced an online event to reveal the “Next Generation Of Windows”. 

Presenting Windows 11.

A whole new windows experience that provides you a new space to create more through a fresh start. 

From start to end everything is going to change in Windows 11. 

Now, you must be curious about – When will I get Windows 11?

How much does Windows 11 cost?

Will my PC or Laptop support Windows 11?

So, today I will answer all your queries, including Windows 11 release date, features, design, and more.

So, Let’s dive right in.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 is coming out by the end of 2021 or might in early 2022. Windows 11 is now available as an Insider Preview-build download for those who registered in the Windows Insider Program. In July, Windows 11 will be available as a public beta. Rather several hints show that Windows 11 might arrive in October 2021. Even Microsoft gives the idea of the possible launch date for Windows 11 on 20th October 2021. 

Most of the images shown of Windows 11 include the 20th October date and 11:11 AM as the launch time in the taskbar.

Watch the first look:

Windows 11 All New Features

Well, Windows 11 is coming with a fresh new design and many exciting features. From the start menu to new ways to connect, all is going to change.

Here are the best Windows 11 features I have seen. All the features that I’m going to show you are based on what Microsoft has shown at the event. 

New Design and Start Menu

Windows 11 New Start Menu
Source: Windows

The first thing you’ll notice is that Windows 11 has a brand new interface(UI) design. Microsoft simplified the design and user experience for more productivity and creativity. 

It’s fresh, new, modern, and beautiful. 

One of the most awaited features that Windows users want is the icons placed in the center. Now, this feature is here. Microsoft placed the start menu in the center of the taskbar. And everything you see has rounded corners that are also similar to macOS. 

According to Microsoft, the start menu uses ‘the cloud’ that helps you to show recommended apps and documents under the icons and one more thing you’ll notice is that live tiles are gone. 

And there are other improvements like search experience. In Windows 11 the search button appears to be next to the start button(so, no search bar in the taskbar). 

Other than the start menu, centered taskbar, and rounded corners, you’ll notice some more things: the new and improved Action Center, File Explorer, and Settings app.

Windows 11 Action Center
Source: Thurrott

Action Center has a new look with rounded corners and is more focused on rounded buttons and smooth slides. The File Explorer comes with a very minimal and cleaned look. The menu of the file explorer is completely redesigned and added a new set of icons that gives a minimalistic look.

Amazing Multitasking Experience (Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Docking)

Windows 11 Snap Assist
Source: Windows

In Windows 10 we snap our apps by dragging from the top to the corner or side of the screen. Microsoft also improved this windowing system in Windows 11, just hovering your cursor on the minimize/maximize button shows you all-new ways to split your apps as per your preference. This feature is called ‘Snap Layouts’.

Not only that, Windows 11 remembers your work and saves it to the taskbar as a Snap group so that you can access it quickly. 

Microsoft also improved the docking system in this operating system. Now, Windows 11 can remember the layout of apps when using different screens.

Better Experience For Touch and Pen

Windows 11 Experience For Touch And Pen
Source: Slash Gear

Microsoft not only improves the Design but also optimized the experience for Touch & Pen. Microsoft said that the new operating system has a new touch-oriented experience that works both for entertainment and productivity.

When you take off your keyboard from the screen the taskbar icons pop out and add a little more space between the icons. 

In tablet Windows 11 comes with a more enhanced snapping system than desktop, i.e. in tablet, the Windows can snap on top of each other.

This operating system also comes with the same gestures feature that you’ll see on the desktop like swiping down using three fingers to minimize the windows, swiping left or right with four fingers to switch between two virtual desktops. 

The OS also comes with haptic touch feedback while using a pen.


Windows 11: Widgets
Source: Windows

Another feature now added in Windows 11 is “The Widgets”. A new way to connect and get the information related to your interest. In the taskbar, you’ll see the icon of the widget. When you click on it, A sheet of glass slides up from the left side. It’s pretty much the same News and Interest as we have in Windows 10. Widgets packs with features such as To-Do list, Calendar, News, Photos, Weather, etc. 

All New Microsoft Store 

Windows 11 Store
Source: Windows

Another big part of this update is Microsoft all-new store. In Windows 11 the store comes with a fresh, new, modern & fluid UI that is very simple to use and it’s beautiful of course. 

At this time, Microsoft is doing some changes in its policies that rule on which type of apps are allowed to show in the storefront.

As the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela said that 

With this new update of the Microsoft Store, we might see these 3 major changes in the new store that are beneficial for all developers:

  • Developers can submit their unpackaged Win32 apps in .exe or .msi formats to the store.
  • Now developers can use their own Content Delivery Network(CDN) to host their apps and updates.
  • Also now developers can use third-party commerce platforms in apps.

These changes in the new Microsoft store will make a door for developers to submit their unpacked Win32 apps without changing to their codes.

Android Apps In Windows 11

Android Apps On Windows 11
Source: Windows

Microsoft brings many features in Windows 11 that give you a great experience, but one feature that stands out is the operating system that comes with the support of android apps. Yes, That’s Right!

Now Microsoft brings in-built Android apps support. With this feature, you don’t need any software to run android apps on windows i.e no emulator, no screen mirroring, and no android os. 

After installing Windows 11, you can access your favorite android apps on your PC.

It’s not only this, you can find android apps from Microsoft Store. And you can use your favorite android apps without any interruptions just as other apps.

You can pin the apps to the start menu or taskbar and place them on screen via Snap Assist

This big function is coming to the Windows Store with the help of Amazon & Intel Bridge Technology. Microsoft said that “We look forward to this partnership with Amazon and Intel using their Intel Bridge technology”.  

Windows 11 Is Built For Gamers

Windows 11 is built for gaming
Source: Windows

Gaming has always been a part of our lives. Now, Windows 11 is also built for gaming because Windows 11 packs with a stack of gaming highlights like Auto HDR for a wide and vivid range of colors for an amazing visual experience, DirectX 12 Ultimate helps you to get a high frame rate at immersive graphics, Direct Storage for better and fasten the load time and more detailed game worlds. 

It’s not only that Windows 11 also gives you Xbox Game Pass, so now games get access to over 100 high-quality PC games, but gamers also can stream titles via Xbox Cloud Gaming. In addition, Cross-play between your PC and Consoles is also available.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration In Windows 11
Source: Windows

Here’s another feature Microsoft integrated this time is Microsoft teams. According to Microsoft, Teams are another critical part of this update. But this will come with a new feature called Chat

Chat is placed in the taskbar and you’ll be able to use it to make calls to anyone who uses Microsoft Teams even if the person is on other devices such as Android and iOS. So, now you’ll be able to reach your team members, your colleagues, your friends right from the taskbar.

Can My PC Run Windows 11? (System Requirements)

Maybe you can’t run Windows 11 on your PC because of high demanding system requirements like – There’s no support for the 32-bit and older single-core CPUs. You also need at least 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage.

But for many people, the bigger problem seems to be the need for TPM 2.0.  

Here’s the list of all system requirements:

Processor1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
Memory4 GB of RAM
Storage64 GB of storage or larger storage device
System firmwareUEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPMTrusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics cardDirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x
Display 9-inches or Bigger than 9-inches with HD Resolution (720p)
Internet connectionMicrosoft account and internet connectivity required for setup for Windows 11 Home

How To Check My PC Is Compatible With Windows 11?

There are two ways to check if your PC is compatible or not. First, you need to go to and download the PC Health Check app to check if your PC is compatible. But many users reported that this app did not give enough details about why a PC is not compatible.

 So, in a blog post, Microsoft said that “the company was removing the app temporarily”. This app will be removed because many users reported not giving proper details, and this tool will return and show step-by-step instructions for how to use the PC Health Check app.

The second way is using a free open-source app known as WhyNotWin11

  1. First, go to this Github page and download the latest stable release on your existing Windows 10. 
  2. The chrome users can download this app right away but Microsoft Edge blocks the download because this app is not signed. In Edge, it will show the app can harm your device. But don’t worry. It won’t harm your PC.
  3. After downloading the WhyNotWin11.exe file, just double click on it, and this tool starts checking your PC, this might take several minutes to perform the check, so be patient.

When Will I Get Windows 11 Update?

Windows 11 is now available as a Windows Insider preview build only for those who registered to the Windows Insider Programme and it will be available as a public beta in July. It will start rolling out to all compatible PCs and all new PCs at the end of this year and continues to roll out in early 2022.

Is This Right Time To Buy PC?

Windows 11
Source: Microsoft

Well for me it’s Yes! Microsoft said that “We worked to ensure that most PCs you buy today will be ready for Windows 11”. As all the PC companies released the list of all the compatible laptops that you can buy today. Some best laptops I would recommend buying right now.

Here is the list of laptops that you can buy right now:

How Much Windows 11 Will Cost?

Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be a free upgrade only to those who have licensed Windows 10 and meet the minimum system requirements will be able to upgrade for free. 

Windows 11: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How to download Windows 11 when it’s available?

You can easily download Windows 11 if your PC runs the latest update of Windows 10 and meets the system requirements.
Here are the steps for downloading Windows 11:
1. Go in settings then Update and Security.
2. After that click on the Windows update tab then click on Check For Updates,
3. If the update is available just click on download and install.
4. Restart your PC and Enjoy!

2. Is my PC is compatible with Windows 11?

May Be Yes! It depends on your PC specifications and other requirements that are given by Microsoft. Your PC must be running on the latest version of licensed Windows 10 and your PC meet the hardware requirements.

3. What are the system requirements for Windows 11?

This time Microsoft gives high demanding hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11. Now there’s no support for 32-bit and older single-core CPUs. And you also need 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of Storage to download and install Windows 11. The irritating thing is TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Without this, you can’t upgrade to Windows 11.
To know more you can read more above in the article.

4. How can I check that my PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not?

You have two ways to check:
Method 1
1. Go to and download and install the PC Health Check app.
2. After installing, simply run this app and click on Check Now. If your PC is compatible you get a message of “This PC can run Windows 11“.
Method 2
This is an open-source app known as WhyNotWin11.
1. Go to this Github page and download the latest stable release on your existing Windows 10.
2. Chrome users can download this app right away but Microsoft Edge blocks the download because this app is not signed. In Edge, it will show the app can harm your device. But don’t worry. It won’t harm your PC.
2. After downloading the WhyNotWin11.exe file, just double click on it, and this tool starts checking your PC, this might take several minutes to perform the check, so be patient.

5. How much does it cost?

Microsoft said that Windows 11 upgrade is for free, only to those who are running the latest version of Windows 10 with a digital license and meets the system requirements.

6. Does an upgrade to Windows 11 will erase my data?

No, upgrading to Windows 11 will not erase your data. Your Files, Documents, Apps, Programs all your data remain safe, even your activation key.

7. If I don’t like Windows 11 can I switch back to Windows 10?

Yes, you can go back to Windows 10 if you don’t like Windows 11. But make sure you did this within 10 days after upgrading to Windows 11. If you didn’t do that you need to download Windows 10 manually.

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