Zanco S-Pen | The World’s Thinnest Mobile Phone Ever Made

Zanco S Pen – Can you imagine, what happens when smartphones try to shrink? Is it possible to put the most important feature into a smartphone the size of a pen?

It is a challenge for creators to create a mobile phone with something unique, compact & powerful, a device that helps you every day. Remember the world’s smallest mobile phone, Zanco Tiny T1? Mobile was introduced last year and then the manufacturer is coming up with an innovative Zanco S Pen. With the Zanco S Pen, you can experience an incredibly portable and versatile device, with a powerful combination phone Bluetooth headset, a stylish pen with a voice recording option.

Therefore, after surrendering more than a year on the prototype, presenting you, a powerful combination of Zanco S Pen, A phone, Bluetooth headset, stylus pen, voice recorder, laser pointers, and more. It is not expected or intended to replace your smartphone, but in reality, it can be your best friend on your smartphone.

Zanco S Pen

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Zanco S-Pen Launch Date & Price

Zanco S-Pen | The World's Thinnest Mobile Phone Ever Made

The date of the Zenco S Pen launch in India has not yet been confirmed. According to the hope, it will come in the market for the next 41 days because their official website has been updated. The expected delivery date is shown as April 2019 when you try the pre-order Zenko S Pen Mobile Phone.

Details of the price cannot be confirmed until the handset launches. According to the updates, the pen will be available with various goods. The handset, including all the accessories, will spend about the US $ 110.

Zanco S-Pen Key Features & Specifications

Zanco S-Pen | The World's Thinnest Mobile Phone Ever Made

Key Features

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  • 0.96inch color screen
  • Battery life 6 Hours
  • 3.0 Bluetooth
  • Dual Camera Front & Back
  • SD Slot
  • FM Radio
  • Video Recorder
  • Voice Recorder
  • MP3/MP4
  • Remote Capture
  • Stylus Pen
  • Laser Pen


  • CE & RoHS : Approval
  • Size : 123.9*18.5*15.5
  • Flash: 32+32
  • Resolution: 80*160
  • Battery: 400 mAh
  • Keyboard Light: White
  • Speaker: 1208
  • Mic: Double
  • I/O Connector: Mic 5 Pin
  • Bell-type: Mid
  • Language: Multi-Language
  • Memory For Phone Book: 500
  • Motherboard: MTK6261D
  • Frequency: GSM900/1800 or GSM850/1900
  • Sim Card: Single Sim Card Slot
  • Camera : Front 0.3 Megapixel & Back 0.3 Megapixel
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Bluetooth : Version 3.0 | Nominal Transmission Speed : 480Kb/s & Maximum Transmission Speed : 1M/s
  • Message: 100
  • Call Records: 20
  • Profiles: General, Silent,  Meeting, Outdoor

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