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Russian Sleep Experiment | Everything You Need To Know

Russian Sleep Experiment – As we all know that science conduct researches and investigations to find the truth. Here we need scientific proofs if we want to prove something as a fact. This requirement has prompted scientists to go ahead with science experiments to prove their hypothesis. It can be as weird and frightening as these experiments are sometimes used in human experiments as well as animal experiments. Trying to decode the human body and the biology and chemistry of the human brain or brain. The use of “Russian Sleep Experiment” is a type that is highly mysterious over the years. So, today we do an analysis here and try to explain the truth behind this experiment.

So, stay tuned with us to know everything about this experiment.

Russian Sleep Experiment

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Russian Sleep Experiment | Everything You Need To Know

The “Russian Sleep Experiment” is also known as “Orange Soda” is the of an internet horror story which is written by an unknown author.
At the end of the 1940s, a group of “Soviet Union Researchers” wanted to do an experiment of “Prolong Sleep Derivation“. For this purpose, the group of researchers puts 5 different aged prisoners from enemies army & locked up in a room for 30 days and promised to let them free, if they would not sleep for 30 days.

And then prisoners were kept in a type of chamber where, the facilities of Food, Water, One Toilet and Books for reading were provided, But there is no facility for sleeping. They started dosed them up with “Stimulant Gas” that prevent them from falling asleep and to monitor their behavior through 2-way mirror and microphones.

For the First 4 days, everything seems to be fine. But, on the 5th day, the effect of this experiment began to appear. The test subjects become paranoid and stopped talking and communicating with each other.

After 9 days, One of them started running constantly and yelling at the top of the force of his lungs for 3 hours, he had physically torn his vocal cords and afterward eery silence followed.

russian sleep experiment

One day, one of the subjects starts screaming uncontrollably, while preventing other researchers from watching the torn book pages and paste on 2-way mirrors. Without the inspection of the researchers, a few days pass, during which the room is completely silent.

If the prisoners are still alive, then researchers use the intercom to test and receive a brief overview of the subjects that conforms to the compliance. Then researchers announced to them, that they were about to open the room, but the subject refused to free.

On the 15th day, the stimulant gas was replaced by fresh, upon looking inside the chamber, it is discovered that the 4 surviving subjects were severe mutilation during past days, which is include the tearing off flesh and muscles of their body.

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The subjects also refused to leave the chamber violently and beg the scientists to continue the provocative, killed a soldier and seriously injured him in an attempt to remove another.

After finally being removed from the room, all subjects have been shown to demonstrate super-human abilities in order to survive despite excessive strength, drugs, and unprecedented resistance to sediments, and to remain awake, despite deadly injuries. Being given the will and stimulus.

It is also found that any subject which sleeps also dies immediately. Apart from this, the commanding officer was shot by the chief researcher, because earlier wanted to continue the experiment, this time three researchers included prisoners in the room. One of the researchers asks him ” WHAT IS HE“.

The subject smiled and said:

“Have you forgotten so easily ?” the subject asked. “We are you”. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread.”
Apart from this experiment, in the year 2009, the website called creepypasta.wiki publish this post by an unknown author. So, What was the truth. when the Russian government was asked about this experiment, they clearly refused for this experiment.
Note: This experiment is just the imagination of an unknown writer.

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Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film

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Thanks, Guys! For reading this article, I hope like to read about “Russian Sleep Experiment“.

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