Solid – Concept Of “New Internet” By Tim Berners Lee | Everything You Need To Know

Hey Expertisers ! In today’s worlds “Internet” becomes very important things in our day to day life, and the Internet has made life easier, but most of the people don’t know that our work is going to be stored on the internet, Google, Facebook and Amazon like big platforms storing our data without our permission, which is not good. So, today I’m going to tell you about Solid The “New Internetby “Tim Berners Lee“.

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Tim Berners Lee is a very important person in the technology world. He is the father of the Internet, responsible for the birth of the World Wide Web, as we know. And he hates that what has happened to it. So he is taking some action to fix it.

You see, Berners Lee has expressed his deviation for the last few years that the major corporations considered a free environment and banned it. They do not like that groups such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon have effectively integrated the Internet, and how they control people’s data. So he is working on a new platform and announcing the war on Big Tech.

Solid | The New Internet

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What Is Solid ?

Solid is the technique that reduces the movement, which is led by Sir Tim Berners Lee so that the web can be re-oriented in its original vision. To understand the “why” of Solid, it is important to understand the development of the web and how to remove it from the original and inspirational view of Sir Tim.

The first web browser was also an editor. The idea is that not only can you read content on all the web but they can also help in creating it. It was to be a collaborative place for all mankind.

However, when the first browser that popularized the web browser, called Mosaic, it included multimedia and editing. It was considered a problem very difficult. This change was the first lack of web promise and led to Tim and others’ efforts to get back the writing functionality. It was called ‘Reed-Wright Web‘ and was led by the original article of Richard McManus published in 2003.

Finally, Solid has done development work for 15 years to deliver it.

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The problem with writing data, Wikipedia and others have learned, is that you can write on what controls you need. This means that you need to have permissions – what people can do with data. And for permissions you need a system to identify – it is typically a way to confirm that a person is what they claim to be.

Also the Web was always designed as a place for data as well as documents. Linked Data Platform Group gave it a more formal form by making standard for working with file system, which becomes a powerful way of getting it when combined with Unix philosophy. These two principles, the ability to read-write and manageable data accessibility, are important for the basic and powerful concept of the web. Unfortunately they were unfortunately lost the web like the web was developed.

Therefore, on the basis of results of existing web standards and work of decades, data management and real-time updates as well as permissions and identification are included through the website in Solid.

It realizes the web as a fantasy and offers a platform for the next generation’s empowerment and innovative applications.

How Does It Works

You Own Your Data, And Choose Apps To Manage It

Solid - Concept Of "New Internet" By Tim Berners Lee | Everything You Need To Know

Within the Solid Ecosystem, you decide where you store your data. The pictures you took, the comments you wrote, the contacts in your address book, calendar events, how many miles you run from your fitness tracker … they all are stored in your solid POD. This concrete POD can be in your home or workplace, or with the online solid POD provider of your choice. Since you are the owner of your data, you are free to transfer it at any time without obstruction of service.

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You allow people and your app to read or write parts of your solid POD. So whenever you are opening a new app, you do not have to fill your details again: they are read with your permission from your POD. Things saved through an app are available in any other: you will never have to sync, because your data remains with you.

This approach protects your privacy and is also great for developers: they can make cool apps without first harvesting large amounts. Anyone can create an app that already exists.

Your POD Is Your Personal Storage Space

Solid - Concept Of "New Internet" By Tim Berners Lee | Everything You Need To Know

Store whatever you want in your own solid POD. PODs are like a secure USB stick for the web, that you can reach from anywhere. When you give others access to parts of your POD, they can respond to your photos and share your memories with you. You decide which apps and people can see.

Think of your Solid POD as your personal website, except that your data inter operates with all your apps, which means that you have your own private API to go with it. When you post comments or videos online, your friends can see whatever app they like, such as album viewers or social feeds. This is your data, which can be shaped in any form or form.

You can get as many POD as you want, and they live on a solid web server. Install a solid server on your server at your home or workplace, or get a solid POD from a listed provider.

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Your Solid POD Provides Your Identity

Solid - Concept Of "New Internet" By Tim Berners Lee | Everything You Need To Know

To prove the ownership of your data, you need a way to identify yourself. Instead of trusting on a third party, you can use your solid POD to say that who you are. So log on to the web with “login with x” or “log in with y” – just “log in with your own solid pod“.


Solid - Concept Of "New Internet" By Tim Berners Lee | Everything You Need To Know

The inrupt is a startup that Berners-Lee has been working for nearly nine months in the theft. He has also subscribed to the education of his prestigious status in MIT’s CSEL laboratories for full time work. Eventually the gap will be launched this week in the world, Berners-Lee told Fast Company in a special interview.

Inrupt is  built on the “Solid” platform, something he and others at MIT have been working on for years. Solid is basically designed to be like the early days of the internet, wild and free, and at least the gaps to get started will be a way to access it. In a display for pieces, he looks like a very basic browser page, completely barebones. A part of the app designed for your personal use, it displays your calendar, address book, chat, its music, etc. It looks like you’ve added Google Drive to WhatsApp, Spotify, and Cloud Storage and with online connectivity. , All in one place. The difference here is that all the information is under his control.

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Thanks Guys ! For reading this article, I hope you like to read about, “Solid The New Internet“.

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