Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

Music is one of the most amazing things in the world that will help us in any type of situation. Music plays a very important role to get relaxed and stress-free life. In this technical world, there are many types of speakers available in the market and it is very tough to choose one of them that looks very cool and fit in our pocket. So, Here I’m going to tell you about “10 Best Bluetooth Levitating Speaker” that you can buy in 2019.

These speakers are really existing and look incredibly stunning, and also gives you great audio performance. These Levitating Bluetooth Speakers are able to float and also spin magnetically while playing your favorite soundtrack through Bluetooth connection.

These speakers are not only attractive but also have some great features. Some of them come with aesthetic LED lights that make them more attractive and also make them look like objects that are shown in sci-fi movies like UFO.

If you looking for an eye-catching levitating speaker, I personally recommended these speakers. So, stay tuned with us!

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speakers

#10 E-Blue Portable Bluetooth Levitating speaker

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Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

The E-Blue Portable Bluetooth speaker is a levitating speaker, which is similar to that. In fact, this is a hybrid design that provides partial leverage. Where most other models have a base and speaker feature, it combines one with both. It makes it cheaper to produce and compact.

According to the performance, you are looking at the quality of the acceptable sound, but not too much quantity. After all, the transducer inside is very limited. With that, the E-Blue portable speaker provides up to 4 hours of playtime, which makes it a good choice for outdoor use for a very short time. Despite some drawbacks of this design.

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Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

The MOXO X1 Bluetooth Levitating speaker is an awesome looking speaker that produces a very decent sound quality that is good because of its size and gets almost all aspects of design, performance, sound quality and flotation. This speaker has a special sound guide designed to increase 3D surround effect and 360-degree rotation, providing a steady sound experience.

Apart from this, the sound quality of MOXO X-1 is very impressive. It has a 5W inbuilt speaker with a frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz which is very loud. The sound of MOXO X-1 is crystal clear & also has deep bass because of its small size.

The LED lights of this speakers looked very stunning from every angle and also the battery gives you 10 hours of nonstop playtime.

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#8 B4M ORB Dark

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

The B4M ORB Dark speakers is also an amazing levitating speaker that gives you a great sound performance and cool design. This speaker will come with a special sound guide which is designed to increase the 3D surround effect and also able to spin while floating. The quality of sound of B4M ORB is pretty catchy.

This is the most basic version of the levitating sphere design. This speaker also comes with NFC support and have all standard features. The magnetic base of the speaker has 4 red lights which look very stunning in the night. The B4M comes with 1500 mAh battery which gives you up to 8 hours of continuous working.

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#7 ReVolt Levio

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

Generally, most of the Bluetooth levitating speaker are similar to each other. There are so many designs which are suitable for this type of built. ReVolt Levio represents one of the better-executed models of this type. The ReVolt Levio provides you an incredible sound performance with its high-quality Speaker’s Orb and amazing design.

The sound quality of this speaker is very impressive and it connects very easily to any Bluetooth device. The sound produced by the speaker is very loud and clear with some bass reproduction. The circular design also helps to float and to produce omnidirectional sound. It is also designed to give equal sound distribution in all direction to listening to music. It has 8 hours of battery life which is decent.

#6 ZVOLTZ Bluetooth Levitating Speaker

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Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 20

The ZVOLTZ Bluetooth Levitating Speaker is also a good choice of those who are looking for great performance, sound quality, the killer design and that goes really loud. This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and it is able to do a 360-degree rotation.

It also has integrated LED lights in the base which gives you great visuals that look incredible in nights. The playing time of this speaker is up to 8 hours of back up and it took 2.5 hours to charge.

#5 ICE Harmony

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

ICE Harmony Bluetooth Levitating Speaker is a very amazing and has a unique design. The ICE Harmony’s unique design looks like an egg-shaped floating light bulb which produces a warm golden light and its brightness is adjustable and it is ideal for bedside lighting and yoga meditation sessions.

This speaker has great sound quality. This speaker gives you a long battery life per charge. You can also enjoy very good sound quality from the speaker’s Orb with hours of playback time.

#4 ICE 7 Arc Star

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

It is not taken to much time to realize that where the ICE 7 Arc star floating Bluetooth speaker took inspiration from. This is the best example of a levitating speaker which delivers good performance at a reasonable price and also gives you unique beauty which is missing from many of the levitating speakers.

It is an awesome speaker for sci-fi fans.

As per the hardware point of view, ICE 7 Arc Star comes with a decent driver built into the levitating sphere, a simple base, light green LED’s and also have NFC support. Good enough battery life allows you to plenty of use.

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#3 Hellosy Death Star | Star Wars Edition

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

The Hellosy Death Star Bluetooth Levitating speaker is one of the most unique and spectacular speaker, which has come with incredible glow and great visual effects. The sound quality of Death Star is good and we actually enjoyed listening to music while watching the Death Star spin on its magnetic basis. While the outer material is made of plastic light, the speaker still looks visually stunning and we get many acclaims from displaying this speaker with the LED lights on the table.

Death Star Levitating Bluetooth speaker has an additional advantage of 2 USB charging ports so you can actually charge your phone while listening to music, which is a very neat job. In addition, you can also make calls using this speaker through your mobile device.

If you’re looking for an impressive levitating Bluetooth speaker that will blow you with its incredible design and stunning visual effects, then the Hellosy Death Star Levitating Bluetooth speaker is going to be available.

#2 Mars By Crazybaby

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

Mars is a very funky and cool-looking Levitating Bluetooth speaker by Craig, which offers excellent build quality and superb audio quality.  The overall sound performance of Mars is really decent and crisp. We really liked the leverage of Mars craft, which seemed incredibly surprising from almost every angle.

The Mars base produces a good decent amount of bass which enhances the lower parts of the music and looks incredibly futuristic with LED lights and clean design. Although the price of this levitating Bluetooth speaker is high on the expensive range, it is carefully designed and visually stunning in almost every aspect of levitation.

All things were considered, Mars is a very unique and exotic levitating speaker and possibly the sole levitating speaker with a fully integrated subwoofer.

#1 ICE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Levitating Speaker

Top 10 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker You Should Buy In 2019

This is also one of the best designed, durable and artistic levitating speaker. The ICE Orb is an orbital speaker spinning elegantly over the magnetic base. It also comes with NFC function which allows any device. It is specially designed to increase the 3D Surround Effect.

It can also serve the dual purpose of a portable speaker. It looks amazing levitating on the magnetic base. The ICE Orb also gives good and decent 360-degree omnidirectional sound. It has 8 hours of playtime.

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